10 Years and Counting

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Meet Park Hotel Clarke Quay’s Longest Serving Staff

What comes to your mind when you think Park Hotel Clarke Quay? Affordable luxury? Pristineness? A wonderful staycation experience? 

To Amy Sng, this is her second home where she has come back to for the past 10 years. To clarify, she does not come in as a hotel guest. She is Park Hotel Clarke Quay’s Public Area Attendant. Better known as Aunty Amy, what she does day-to-day is to ensure public areas, lobby to restaurants – literally, the first to the last touchpoints of the hotel, are clean, comfortable and presentable to the guest. 

On top of working at Park Hotel Clarke Quay for the past 10 years, what is more remarkable is that she has been in the industry for 32 years! Unheard of in this millennial age where job-hopping has become a norm, what is her secret of longevity in an industry which is known to expect long hours and can be unforgiving physically?

An empowering and family-like environment as well as a relentless passion in what she does. 

Aunty Amy mentions enthusiastically how empowering the management at Park Hotel Group is. She states that this shows the respect and trust the management gives to team on the ground. By doing so, it helps her take full ownership to meet and exceed guests’ expectations and also allows for deeper relationships among colleagues to be built over time.

Aunty Amy’s passion comes from her strong belief that one should always aim to do their best in any task given no matter how trivial. She adds with gusto that housekeeping is the backbone of the entire hotel business. This is because they cater to meet and exceed guests’ most personal needs and preferences. This includes the way they want their pillows to be arranged when they sleep as well as other nitty-gritty details pertaining to every guest. As simple as this looks, it is something that sets apart a normal hotel from a great one.  In fact, she is sure that without a strong housekeeping team, the entire hotel’s operations will fail.

Being in the industry for 32 years, Aunty Amy has seen many things change in the industry. She noted that travel was considered a real luxury catered to a few select guests. However, as society attained more affluence over the past few decades, more have been able to afford travel and other luxuries. This includes short, frequent staycations, something that has become trendy in recent times. This has resulted in a subsequent boom for the hospitality industry as a wider market seek getaways both in Singapore and overseas. 

Additionally, she has also seen communications with guests undergo a huge transformation, especially in this digital age. Previously, guests called in to communicate on their preferences. These days, long before a guest’s arrival, there are many more digital touchpoints for them to get in touch with the hotel and share their unique preferences.

So if you ever walk into Park Hotel Clarke Quay, there is a high chance you will be welcomed with a warm smile and greeting from Aunty Amy, showing you that old is definitely still gold.  


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