A Grain that builds community

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We all know that food is a big part of Asian culture. Besides being tasty, did you know that it can also serve as a tool to bring people together as well?

During an interview with Shawn Liam, Grain’s Chief Product Officer, we learned more about this Singapore-based online restaurant that embraced the idea of building a community and bringing people together through food.

“Eat with your friends! Why eat alone?” This was what Shawn highlighted when sharing about Grain’s business philosophy. In fact, this was what led them to introduce shared meals in their menu, which include several mains as well as appetizers and desserts that can be shared within a group – with your friends and family. 

Beyond Grain’s shared meal offerings, which include healthy and delicious options like the Mexican La Cocina Fiesta, the start-up also boasts a group-ordering feature. 

Shawn explained, “This allows you to start an order and send a link to your colleagues or friends, who can then add on their orders. We call it a communal shopping cart”. These unique features reveal Grain’s dedication to improving lives through meaningful food experiences. 

Besides creating convenience, what’s even more valuable is that they are also driving a behavioral change to reconnect people physically, isn’t it? And why is this so important? In today’s digital age, while we may seem highly connected online, we are sure you have observed the physical distance between people getting wider. By creating a platform to bring people together once again, this is truly valuable in today’s day and age.

Grain demonstrates an understanding of the difference between simply eating, and sharing a meal. Because of this crucial understanding, Grain is firmly poised to continue building a community through food.  

Food may represent a daily staple to some. Food may also be a way of life for others. For Grain, it’s a bigger mission to build a community through food.


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