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You might then ask, “Why Asia?” Very often, we realize that stories and content available in the Asian market are very western-centric.

While the quality may be great, we also want to ask ourselves, “What about Asia? Aren’t there great stories to share over this part of the world as well?”

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”. One key challenge is that in the Asian community, people tend to be a little less vocal and do not feel as comfortable articulating their beliefs as compared to their western counterparts.
As such, we recognize the value and importance of developing a platform in Stories of Asia to build a strong and inclusive community which will empower people in Asia with the confidence to share their stories.
That way, we can then all learn, grow and create a meaningful exchange with the rest of the world.

Stories of Asia (SOA) is an Asia-focused storyteller incubator that seeks to empower the Asian community with a voice through storytelling.

Through our work across 7 chapters (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hong Kong) and counting, we seek to inspire positive change, share lessons and connect like-minded people to create value for our community.

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