About Us

Stories of Asia (SOA) is an Asia-focused storyteller incubator that seeks to empower the Asian community with a voice through storytelling.

Whether it’s by telling their stories through videos, podcasts or written content, or holding workshops that help you tell your story yourself; we are passionate about the craft of storytelling,

Why do we specialise in storytelling? And why Asia in particular?

That’s because we realised that while there are many, many great stories from Asians all over the world, their stories aren’t articulated as often. Sometimes, we end up looking to the West for inspiration or best practices. That’s why we decided to start Stories of Asia, to shine a light on the stories that teach, inspire, and change perspectives.

Through our work across 7 chapters (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hong Kong) and counting, we seek to inspire positive change, share lessons and connect like-minded people to create value for our community.

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