Add life to your old clothes; don’t add clothes to your life

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magine you just finished a day of shopping at your favourite boutique with lots of clothes. You would usually feel like a million bucks. Not really, when this fast fashion comes with a ton of wastage. According to Raye Padit, both style and sustainability are part of his fashion pieces, and this is epitomised by his business and brainchild – The Fashion Pulpit. What it does is that it focuses on swopping, upcycling and tailoring clothes to reduce wastage of clothing.
But does that mean he doesn’t love fashion? He loves it. 

Was turning his hobby into a full-fledged business an easy choice? Certainly not. Starting his journey was arduous. He left Philippines to pursue fashion, something that was not a viable career in his homeland. The juggle between full-time work and part-time fashion courses was another obstacle – which he overcame for technical expertise. 

Social good, Profits and Fashion – how do these words gel together? They didn’t actually, since transforming mindsets fixated on the hype of fast fashion was hard work. In a world where more is better, how does buying less and earning money work? Furthermore, the notion of social good immediately brings non-profit to mind. Partnerships were shunned away, and growing the business was a concrete struggle.

In spite of all difficulties with money-making, Raye never lost sight of sustainability in his business model. He holds the aim of being fashionable with reduced wastage close to his heart. The Fashion Pulpit is thus an embodiment of his desire to live meaningfully. Definitely not just for him alone – the more people onboard with him, the better. 

“We have that innate feeling of doing good, but we just lost track of it, because we want more.. Humans just want to acquire endlessly.” This conundrum is slowly resolving as the support for his cause is growing. He vividly recounts the experiences of having his clients onboard the sustainable fashion concept. Visits to fashion houses in Singapore to collect older fabric for upcycling are then never wasted. 

What’s next then, in scaling the business? A “Swap Caravan” is a goal in sight, which would facilitate a journey of clothes swapping in different cities of Asia. Raye’s mantra for The Fashion Pulpit as “the extension of your wardrobe”, is aimed at extending worldwide. 

Sustainable fashion, is the paragon of how less can bring you so much more. 


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