Behind every Hamper is a Story

Categories: Entrepreneurship

When Alexis Tan was part timing in his aunt’s traditional hamper company five years ago, he had a realisation. While he was out delivering hampers to an MNC, he noticed that “the whole room of hampers looked pretty much identical.” 

“They were those pyramid kind of hampers that have been around for thirty over years,” he recalls. 

This realisation spurred a desire to create something new in the hamper industry. Alexis felt that it was high time the market came up with some fresh new ideas. From this desire came Alexis’ company: Simply Hamper. 

“We knew that there were already big names in the market,” Alexis says. To stand out, they needed something special. “We decided to emphasise on having a good story behind each hamper,” shares Alexis. 

One way that Simply Hamper has accomplished this is through their personalised hampers. Customers can select a unique template, then upload their own image and message that will be printed on the wrapper of the gourmet hamper. 

Alexis recounts how “one to two years back, a family designed the hamper with their family portrait and a personalised message,” sending it to their son, who was abroad, as a Christmas gift. The sentiments of love and affection conveyed through such a gift is undeniably touching. 

Simply Hamper also sets themselves apart because of their emphasis on giving back to society. Being a ‘social entrepreneur’ is very important to Alexis. Two years ago, he walked into the Metta Welfare Association facility near his home, to see if they were willing to work together. 

This visit sparked a collaboration where a set of hampers Simply Hamper produced included products made by a group of children with autism. “It isn’t just the person who receives the hamper that receives a blessing. The people making the products, the kids with autism, also receive a blessing,” shares Alexis. 

Receiving a hamper made by Simply Hamper is a blessing not just because of the story behind each hamper, but also because of the thought put into the curation of each hamper. 

Five years after Simply Hamper started, more and more people are flocking to its website to order hampers for all occasions. We believe that this is in no small part because of Alexis’ strong mission and goals for his company. What about you? 


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