Blaze a new trail with Excide Virtual CFO financial model for you.

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Thank God there is Sam Lee who has the faith to be courageous in pursuing his own business and choose not to pursue corporate life. Sam is currently the founder and CEO of Excide – an organisation that provides virtual CFO services for start-ups and SME. Let me tell you why we all can be glad to have this service!


In the interview, Sam shared, “in a company, there are bookkeeping and accounting, but no one is trying to make sense about the numbers but swamp with the work itself.” With financial model (FM), excide have sold more than 50 FM that hope to make planning and budgeting for growth right and easy for businesses. 


Looking back to how Excide started. Sam met Julia in a consultant market place and decided to build contact with her. In their conversation, an idea sparks Sam’s eye to shine brightly. He remembers in their conversation previously; they were talking about how the market place consultants need Financial visibilities as most of them were struggling in promoting their work to the market place.

With passion, Julia and Sam eventually decided to work together to help small businesses to make a difference. With affordable service and professional workers, they assist in “redesigning finance processes and leveraging on technology,” expressed by Sam with excitement. 


He then added, “what special about our company is that we emphasise on process, improvement and always looking for fresh ideas in their focus on technology.” 


With dedication, this has proven that Sam is a fighter and never gives up. He believes that to achieve something, they have to work for it even when it’s not perfect. Just like Seth Godin said, “waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.” 


Sam then elaborate, “the key to success is also flexibility and knowing your priorities.” With effort, discipline and attitude, excide have become who they are today blooming and thriving. 


These unique characteristic Sam possess allows him to stand out from the crowd. He knows how to integrate the grit into his company culture yet, having the balance to make his employee happy. As Sam understand the value of hardship with its relations to achievement, they know how to make their clients happy as well.

So, are you ready to blaze a trail with excide and make a difference in your business?  


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