Build a brand armour to win the talent war – Under Armour

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In today’s highly competitive talent landscape, building a strong employer brand is increasingly critical to stand out and attract the best talent. Brand alignment is one key ingredient, where the brand has to be built from within i.e. starting from the employees.

In a recent interview with Under Armour’s (UA) HR Director SEA, Shawn Tan, we learned how they are building strong brand advocacy starting from the very moment the new hire steps into the company.

“From the time you first step into the company, you’ll probably get a ‘culture shock’ where everyone is geared up in sportswear and UA apparels.” Shawn mentioned.

He recounted, “When I first joined UA, I remember how I was the only one dressed in formal wear because I came from a corporate background. It took me awhile to get used to it but it is a great feeling where at any point of time, it seems like people are all ready to head to the gym!” 

If you look closely, you’ll probably also realize that there are no competitor brands within the office. No brands starting with N, A or R. Just Under Armour. And guess what, these are not standard issues for employees. The UA clothes and shoes are all self-purchased, which clearly highlights their belief in the brand. It definitely helps that are some staff discounts!

UA employees also motivate one another to work out more. “When I first joined, I didn’t exercise as much. After joining the team, I was positively influenced to hit the gym more often which allowed me to be in a much better shape than before!” Shawn highlighted with a bright smile on his face.

When it comes to team building, this is where the UA winning mentality is on full display. Employees consistently show the competitiveness to succeed in the activities regardless if it’s tug-of-war or amazing race. “The hunger and drive to succeed and cultivation of passion for the brand is what makes us successful.” Shawn explained proudly.

For a sports apparel company that advocates performance, UA is doing a great job in ensuring that the internal culture is aligned to what the brand stands for. That way, employees can truly live and breathe the culture. And guess what, employees become their strongest brand advocates!

Are you effectively building a brand armour with your employees too?


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