Change is the only constant

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To excel in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, it is imperative to possess a growth mindset and a strong learning culture within your organization. 

Introducing two members of Under Armour (UA) SEA / Triple Pte Ltd’s Training and Development (T&D) team – Ian Choo and Victoria Lim, the rock stars responsible for creating a strong learning culture within UA SEA to drive the organization’s performance in a highly competitive retail industry.

Most people might assume that what a T&D team does is simply to go out to the retail stores, conduct some presentations and return to the office. Seems like that’s what they do without bothering much about the performance and results of the company. But is that really the case? 

Victoria clarified that as simple as it looks, there is way more happening behind the scenes.

Before any training, it takes hours upon hours of brainstorming and content development. A lot of work is put into this phase including market research, collecting feedback on the ground and testing the project. Once the research is done, more time is also required to produce the training materials. 

Job done? Not quite. Next up is the delivery.

While it may seem easy to deliver a half or full-day program for professionals like Ian and Victoria, it really isn’t. “We need to fill the room with 200% if we want our audience to be 100%. Most of the time, we like our audience to be at 150% and hence, our team gives our 300% effort!” Victoria highlighted passionately.

She also expressed that there is some pressure when people expect them to know everything. 

“They do not recognize that we are constantly learning as well. Not everything is smooth-sailing and the team faces challenging situations from time to time too. That said, because change is the only constant, the best way to ride it is to also have a growth mindset, and keep learning.” 

What really helped them overcome tough times though was the strong teamwork. The T&D team loves to conquer these challenges collectively to help the business grow. In fact, teamwork is one of their core values which can be seen evidently across the entire organization.

Both Ian and Victoria also talked about the satisfaction they get when they know that the product knowledge, sales and leadership education helped their retail teammates and their leaders perform better while making their job more enjoyable. Of course, ensuring that they hit their sales target too! 

Ian added that “Training is like paying it forward. What we facilitate in the classroom or on the selling floor is going to determine if our Athletes/Customers are going to have an amazing experience. I once even had a teammate share his experience in serving our late President Mr SR Nathan!”

To them, their job is to empower their teammates and inspire them to be better. They want the employees to know that the team will be there every step of the way to help them achieve their work goals, regardless of whether they’re in the storefront or in the corporate office.

With the T&D team’s focus on promoting a constant learning attitude and taking so much pride in creating a strong learning culture, we are sure to see the employees and organization scale to even greater heights real soon!


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