Creating photos with a purpose

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When one imagines a photographer, more often than not you think of someone taking pictures at events, delivering stunning photos of birthday parties, weddings and baby showers. Well, that’s not quite the case for Andy, founder of Photocraftsmen. 


Andy is someone who does commercial photography, meaning that he specializes in shooting products and food. “Most photographers are GPs: General Photographers. I am more of a specialist,” Andy explains. 


He has been in photography for 6 years, and has done his fair share of events, including a Formula One race, fashion weeks and more. A while back, he decided to rename his company to Photocraftsmen, and centre his work on where his heart lies – commercial photography. “These areas intrigued me since I was a kid,” he shares. 


This is a bold move, especially as Andy admits that the business of photography is an “intense rat race”. Yet, he believes in withdrawing himself from that race and focusing on where his passion lies. 


The name ‘Photocraftsmen’ is indicative of how seriously Andy takes his work. He explains how in the past, with film photography, taking photos required high levels of precision. “I want to bring that precision and also leverage on the technology and equipment we have today,” Andy shares. In short, Andy wants to brand photography as what it is – a craft. 


He shared how the industry around photography changed over the years thanks to new technologies.


It was once an art restricted to only professionals who had special training and expensive equipment, but now, it is at the hands of everyone who owns a smartphone. 


Andy feels that this technological shift with social media and point-and-shoot photography diluted the art of photography. On the other hand, he also believes that the quality of photography has always been far more to do with the person behind the lens than the equipment they use.

Hence, he works hard to uphold and improve the standard of his photos. When asked about his long-term goal, Andy says that he wants to “change the way people view photography and help them understand that it requires a lot of time, effort and hard-earned knowledge.” 


From what we are hearing, it’s likely that he’ll succeed in this endeavour, mostly because Andy has a knack for accomplishing what he sets his mind to. He gives his journey in the gym as an example: from starting to workout to lose weight, he’s turned going to the gym into a lifestyle. “When I set a goal to do something, I am very determined and I get it done,” he explains. We’ll take his word for it! 


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