Customer Service, a Walk in The Park

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Muniyandy A/L Subramanian (Andy), looks forward to work every day. He feels that there are no challenges in his job. He enjoys every part of it immensely. 

Yeah, right, is what you may think, but this actually is everyday life for the 42-year-old hotel concierge, and his deeds are a true testament to that. 

For almost four years now, Andy has been working in Park Hotel Clarke Quay (PHCQ) assisting guests with everything they need and ensuring that they’re being well taken care of. 

However, being a hotel concierge is more than just a cheerful smile and a friendly wave. “From making reservations, recommending places of interests, acquiring tickets for special events to assisting with airline bookings or transportation logistics, we basically act as their personal assistant during their stay at the hotel,” says Andy.

He even memorised 70 per cent of which airlines belong to which terminal to better prepare guests for their flights. If he imparts the wrong information – which thankfully, hasn’t occurred yet – he offers to pay for the flight!

A typical day at work for Andy includes arriving two hours before his shift to ensure punctuality and ample preparation time. What’s more, throughout all his years of work, he has only taken MC twice; once for 10 days due to chickenpox and the second for three weeks to recover from a cataract operation – a huge discount from the supposed two months he was supposed to rest!

Even though it was a paid leave, Andy insisted that he didn’t want to misuse it. “I’m not that kind of person that just takes MC, I love my job,” admits Andy. 

Of course, all his hard work has paid off. Andy recounts one of his most memorable moments working at PHCQ – when he received Best Employee of the Year award. “On the stage, [I was] going to cry…I was so happy, so touched. That was the best moment ever, I can’t forget.”

Andy expresses his love for his “second family” and marvels at how there’s appreciation given to every staff – cake cutting on birthday months, monthly staff meetings with all the encouraging bosses who give you a pat on the shoulder whenever you do something good… All these motivate Andy to do better.

“Life is like a boomerang – what you give will be reciprocated,” says Andy. 

Indeed, he’s living by this, painting smiles every day at PHCQ.


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