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Batik Clothing for the Contemporary Woman

Xinyi, creator of local women’s wear, MakerlySG, is on a mission. After years of settling for ill-fitting clothing, she is determined to ensure others won’t have to go through the same ordeal. As a taller-than-average woman, Xinyi was frustrated with typical offerings by fast fashion brands that never quite fit properly.

The seemingly-perfect dress on a mannequin turns out to be a tad too short, or perhaps the cute top on the racks fit a little too snugly. With every individual having a unique body shape, finding a perfect fit from stores that mass-produce clothing can be a near-impossible feat. 

This daily frustration faced by many women worldwide, including Xinyi, was the inspiration for her business – MakerlySG. MakerlySG is a tailored clothing brand which “transforms traditional Batik into modern styles for every body type”. 

By hand-sewing every article of clothing based on your measurements, Xinyi does her best to ensure that whatever your size or proportion, “she will find a way to make a top you feel comfortable in”. 

Beyond creating a perfect fit for all her customers, MakerlySG offers a unique marriage between tradition and modernity by creating contemporary, stylish apparel using Batik prints.

Xinyi’s choice of fabric stemmed from her desire to incorporate patterns into her designs. While she enjoyed typical floral prints, she found that these styles tend to be fleeting, particularly since fashion trends are so volatile. 


Thus, she decided to experiment with something more classic and timeless – Batik. While it started out as a purely aesthetic decision, Xinyi found herself increasingly drawn to the prints as she learnt more about them. 

With Batik styles differing so much across various regions and countries, Xinyi found the unique stories behind each print extremely meaningful. Moreover, since each piece of Batik comes in such limited quantities, customers can be sure that they are getting something unique. 

Even so, Xinyi doesn’t want MakerlySG’s apparel to be solely for special occasions. Instead, she seeks to normalize wearing Batik prints by incorporating them into contemporary designs. 

In fact, Xinyi’s project for the month of National Day transforms Singapore Airline’s signature kebaya prints into daily, wearable apparels like cropped tops. These were so well-received that they were sold out mere minutes after being launched!

Ultimately, Xinyi hopes that MakerlySG will help others be able to better appreciate the traditional Batik print, while ensuring a perfect fit for every body shape and size.


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