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Do all heroes wear capes? Well, some put on a firefighter suit to save lives or even teach others how to do so. That’s what Muhammad Malkan Muhamad, Founder of +GroundZero, does to create unassuming heroes in offshore marine industry.

Malkan’s career journey started during his national service days. “When I was serving my national service, there was this legendary figure, Thia, who was always tough on me. This became even more evident after stating my intention to sign on as a regular for SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force)” he shared.

Malkan added, “Though he seemed very strict with me, I came to realize that he had my best interest at heart. He was actually mentoring and testing me to see if I had what it takes to become a good firefighter in SCDF. He also taught me that despite his lack of education, his hunger for knowledge more than compensated for it and led to his success in SCDF.”

After a stint in SCDF, Malkan moved on to Changi Airport’s Airport Emergency Service. Similarly, he had the opportunity to learn from another legendary figure, Bok Chew, who was known as the “walking encyclopaedia”.

“When I was posted to fire station 2, my friends told me I was done for. They said that Bok Chew will constantly challenge me and make life really tough. True enough, I was put to the test once again but similar to Thia, he did it with good intentions to mentor me. Due to that, it further reinforced my belief on the importance of fire safety and educating through tough love. I’m truly thankful for these mentors.” Malkan said.

Through both mentors, Malkan also learned the mantra that “Everybody got to start somewhere.” This led to the founding of +GroundZero where he is helping individuals with minimal fire safety knowledge get up to speed.

Today, while he is no longer the one putting out fire, Malkan has endeavoured to create safer workplaces where he conducts customized fire safety training for people in the offshore and marine industry. 

This hero is not only making an impact in his hometown Singapore, he is also flying the nation’s flag high in countries such as USA, Abu Dhabi and most recently, China! We can’t wait to see where else Malkan will go to build up more heroes from ground zero. 


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