From Strutting the Runway in New York to Modelling Success as a Head of Community

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All you do is make your way around the block, chat with others, and socialize, right? 


Common misconceptions like these have plagued Andee’s career as the Head of Community in the co-working space Found8 (previously known as Impact Hub). In our interview with Andee, he shares passionately with us about his multiple roles as a community builder, highlighting that he is often required to act as a mentor, sounding board, and brand ambassador all at once. 

Without prior experience in the tech start-up space, Andee had to learn tech lingo from scratch, immersing himself in the environment and learning to walk in the shoes of the entrepreneurs within the community. 

This is by no means a walk in the park when it involves understanding and managing the egos and mindsets of multiple business owners sharing one space. Combine that with having to consider varied perspectives of other stakeholders and Andee has taken on a herculean task indeed. Yet, he takes it upon himself to rise to the challenge as part of his firm conviction to “gain a wholesome knowledge of how this ecosystem rolls”.

Out of his multiple roles, Andee cites relationship-building as the most challenging part of the job. According to him, building meaningful relationships with others requires more than just talking; it means investing time, energy, and long hours into understanding the individual, their interests, and challenges. 

Andee’s extensive experience in the media industry provides him with an edge in doing his current job well. For instance, Andee finds that he is more attuned to preferred media angles, allowing him to better help young entrepreneurs within the co-working space brand themselves better. 

Andee’s passion for communities isn’t just constrained to his job. When talking about his role as the Head of Community, Andee asserts that building communities extend beyond a career choice, it is representative of his entire life. This is reflected by his passion project – SG Waack, a Waacking community aimed at promoting the art of waacking and furthering the waacking scene in Singapore. 

Andee might have revelled in the glamour of New York and Milan in a previous life, but as a Head of Community, he now finds fulfilment in getting his hands dirty and trudging through trenches with the entrepreneurs in Found8. 


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