Getting To Know Singapore’s Only Male Animal Whisperer

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Where do dogs go when they die?

Ezekiel Ong was desperate to know the answer after his very first female Maltese dog died. 


He never got the chance to say goodbye to his dog as she died while he was at work.

His heart bled as his dog was being cremated and he did not even have an urn or her ashes after the ordeal was over.

All he had was a mental image of “the dog lying in a pool of blood.” 

Ezekiel pondered his dog’s afterlife and found out about the existence of animal heaven Rainbow Bridge, a place he believes that dogs go to after they pass.

He learnt about a telepathy method called Animal Communications in Hong Kong from world famous Italian animal communicator Rosina Arquati. 

He illustrates passionately on this – “When I ask an animal a question, I receive from them pictures, feelings, words, thoughts and emotions. For example, if I were to ask a dog what part of his body was sore I may feel pain in an area of my body that corresponds to his,” Ezekiel explains on his Facebook page. 

After years of practice, Ezekiel gained traction, establishing a name for himself, starting Animal Communications Singapore.

However, it has not been all rainbows and butterflies.

Ezekiel shared about his pet business’s turning point exclusively with Stories of Asia – a dog had not eaten or drunk anything in more than two weeks and he did not know what was holding the dog back from leaving. He called his teacher for help and she encouraged him to believe in himself, assuring him that helping a dog transition to Rainbow Bridge should come naturally.

“That was when I decided I’m not going to stress myself out, I’m just going to let go… After that conversation, it shifted my whole mindset. From then on, I became very good at helping dogs cross over,” Ezekiel nods with conviction.

Ezekiel elaborated that it may seem very simple but he realised that “it’s not about trying but trusting that you’ve already done your part and the dog will go on its own”. 

Who knew we could learn so much from talking to dogs? 

Ezekiel started a business from a simple question and now plays a significant role in making the afterlife journey for animals a little easier. 


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