Give them recognition and they can wow you

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At the age of 18, most of us are probably studying, working, while figuring out what’s next for us.

Also 18, Rishabh Anand is doing all of it, navigating in the Artificial Intelligence (A.I) space, also as a Machine Learning engineer, writer of A.I articles and tutorials on, workshop and conference speaker….

He is also the founder of ML Blocks, an application which helps with the integration of Machine Learning pipelines into apps with a single line of code. In other words, he writes codes to help people “code without coding”.

You may be wondering, was his young age a stumbling block in his career journey? Definitely.
As a young kid who received his MacBook at the age of 13, he decided to pick up Machine Learning, to see what he could build with a MacBook. With his limited knowledge of Math and Science back then, he had to plough through university level calculus.
With no guidebook, he figured out the subsequent steps in his path on his own, through trial and error fuelled by instinct.

His efforts paid off when he tasted success for the first time at a NUS Hackathon. At the brink of giving up when his idea did not work out, he adapted his idea of MLBlocks, repurposed codes and set everything up to function within twelve hours. 

With his and his partner’s name first up on the list of winners – people came to them from all directions, including a high-ranking engineer from Carousell. 

However, age still remained as a trying problem. Later, having been shortlisted into Top 40 and then Top 10 in the APEC region, pressure heightened as competition came from Thailand, India, Malaysia, and within Singapore. The game was global. 

Their idea of making good first impressions for the judges backfired, as their suit-and- slanted tie get up with sneakers apparently printed them a label of a “broken boyband”.
They looked like kids who had no idea how to pitch – among people who have done this for years

This inexperience then translated into experience today and in the future, as Rishabh rides on growing viewership for his writing from a mere 80 to 40k, and speaking at conferences. He has a message to push – “A.I for all” – to put A.I into hands of any age group, so they have the ability to solve problems irrespective of scale. 

Dealt with countless rejections –  on the perception of “age equating to inexperience”, Rishabh is a living proof of how this is merely a misconception. To him, some recognition given to the youths can leave you impressed. 


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