Going Back in Time: Regaining Your Youth in Middle-Age

Categories: Entrepreneurship

Joval Gan, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Advocado, has done the impossible: the 44-year-old looks younger today than he did a decade ago. His secret? Intermittent fasting, a plant-based diet, and daily exercise.

Ten years ago, Joval close to 100kg. He got winded walking short distances, and was falling sick every three months. He was so heavy that his spine could not support his weight when he slept; he woke up every morning with a crooked body, which took hours to adjust back to a neutral position, causing much pain and discomfort. 

At 34 years of age, his body was like that of an elderly man. 

Joval realized something had to change before his health deteriorated further. 

He started intermittent fasting and adopted a plant-based diet. Through these changes, he managed to lose a significant amount of weight, and is now healthier and more confident than ever before! 

For a start, Joval has not been to the doctor’s for over eight years now – a stark contrast to the former quarterly visits. Moreover, he is now more productive and efficient at work. Despite waking up at 5am daily to gym, and going to bed at 11pm, he finds that he can easily hold back-to-back meetings without feeling exhausted.

The 180-degree transformation in Joval’s lifestyle has benefitted not just his physical health, but also boosted his confidence. He now looks and feels more presentable when meeting with clients and potential investors, both of which help add a little extra ‘oomph!’ to his stride. 

For many middle-aged individuals, looks are no longer a priority. After all, your value is cemented with your growing career, and it is likely that you have already started a family. Maybe you even wear your “dad/mom bod” as a badge of honor. With family and career vying for your attention, diet and fitness takes a backseat. 

Joval is on a mission to convince you otherwise. Ultimately, your health is wealth. The value of your health doesn’t, and shouldn’t, diminish with age. Just the contrary, in fact. 

While diet and fitness are important, Joval warns against blindly following “quick diet plans” propagated by the media. Instead, he is a strong proponent for intermittent fasting, plant-based diets, and living a healthier, simpler lifestyle. His own success story is proof of its efficacy. 

Take a step back today and re-evaluate your priorities – is health one of them? It should be!


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