Having the right connections goes a long way!

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Whenever you go overseas, it’s a must to purchase a few that country’s unique snacks to enjoy back home. Sometimes, we buy in bulk to share with our eager friends and family. We’re sure that many of us have once brought back boxes of Hokkaido White Chocolate Biscuits, or Taiwan’s Tai Yang Bing. 

Sometimes though, taking the time to buy and ferry these snacks back home can be a bit of a hassle. For Darrel Tan, a busy career in maritime meant that he was often overseas, and frequently had to buy snacks back home.

“I was in Indonesia once and wanted to buy kueh lapis back for my family. But it was so heavy, and it was very troublesome to carry it back to my hotel,” shares Darrel. 

This hassle planted a seed of an idea in Darrel: what if he could streamline the process of buying snacks overseas? 

Upon quitting his job back in 2017, Darrel came together with a few of his friends and pitched his idea: a one-stop online platform for tourists to purchase unique Singaporean snacks. 

Thus 狮城土产王, or SG Snacks, was born. With a wide array of offerings including Bak Kwa, Ervin’s Salted Egg Chips and more, the service not only allows tourists to have their pick from the huge variety, but also delivers the snacks straight to their hotel. 

The service launched in April 2019, with Darrel spending one year before the launch curating and fine-tuning his platform. With no experience in business, Darrel admits that the process of setting up SG Snacks was extremely challenging. 

“Luckily, I have a group of good friends that have business expertise,” shares Darrel. His network of friends are well-versed in e-commerce, and with their help SG Snacks was up and running in record time. “I couldn’t have done it without their help,” Darrel says with a smile. 

Just as his friends streamlined the process of starting his business, Darrel hopes that SG Snacks can streamline tourists’ visits and increase the convenience of getting snacks back home. Indeed, having the right connections can make a crucial difference! 


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