Helping New Business Owners Level the Playing Field Against Sharks

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“Many think pitching is a simple plantation to wow investors but it’s not that simple,” says Steven Ong, Managing Director of ForwardLeap Training Lab and Co-V.

His first business, ForwardLeap, focuses on entrepreneurship at its inception. “It can be anybody as young as 18 years old to even past 60 who come in to our entrepreneurship training. The whole idea is to empower, educate and help the beginning stage of business through crash courses and make it easier [for them] to embark on their cause.” 

While in the investment industry a few years back, Steven discovered that a lot of start-ups and entrepreneurs did not possess the relevant skill set for pitching.  

“It requires deep knowledge and preparation of showmanship and your business. 

It’s almost like how you’re acting by expressing your emotions out to let your investors also feel those emotions,” elaborates Steven, who believes that entrepreneurship is truly a level playing field.  

Steven also mentions that with ForwardLeap’s access and business, they can actually give back to the society by providing free entrepreneurship training for eager learners.

However, before this idea comes to fruition, Steven believes that businesses must first thrive and “do well in order to give back”.  

He hopes to impact and help them through the trainings he conducts by driving change, enabling people and impacting lives. With mentors, people of different expertise and experiences can build and grow the ecosystem of entrepreneurs.

Despite years of entrepreneurship experience under his belt, Steven humbles himself and professes that he does not know everything in business. “I’m blessed that by watching them I’m also learning from the start-ups as well, such as new technologies or problems that businesses are facing today to find a solution to the gap.” 

Instead of simply giving money, Steven strives to build an investment ecosystem to impact the lives of aspiring and current entrepreneurs. 

Is it all about money in business for you?


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