Here’s Why being responsive can make such a huge difference

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Meet Billy, a cheerful and outgoing 26year-old Contracting Assistant Staff at MG Group.

For those who are unfamiliar with what the contracting team does, you will probably assume it to be a mundane role that focuses simply on ensuring that contracts are updated accurately. Well, that’s part of it. However, you are missing out the other half which is way more important.

“Most people, including my friends and family, do not know what I do.” Billy shared with slight frustration.

“In my role, I assist managers in Malaysia to ensure that contracts are updated with the latest clauses and promotions. It is important to be highly responsive when new updates come in from the hotel partners because we need to ensure the competitiveness of our rates or risk losing the competitive edge” he added.

One example he gave was a situation where the team only managed to update the weekday but not weekend promotion. In such a case where updates are not timely, it could result in the system not picking up on the promotion rates, making it less attractive for the agents accessing it.

Besides the mentioned updates, Billy highlighted that in fact, a larger part of his role involves data analysis. Not only does the contracting team focus on timely updates, they will also run third party reports which identifies and questions the reason behind agents not booking through MG or where certain allotments are not given to MG but someone else. With the relevant data on hand, Billy and team will then get in touch with hotels to identify the issue to re-negotiate favourable terms.

“Sometimes hotel could miscommunicate with the sales and reservations teams so we will need to work with them to clarify the discrepancy.”

In addition, Billy was also very thankful to have had great support from his team. He shared that during peak periods where he had to actively renew contracts, his team will quickly jump in to help coordinate on the data loading aspect to ensure he that can successfully deliver his work in a timely manner. After all, it’s a team effort and having this support network definitely helped Billy feel a greater sense of assurance at work.

Next time you see Billy, be sure to ask him about the latest hotel promotion updates because you can be sure that he will have a prompt response for you!


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