How a car accident changed her life

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It was a quiet Monday night in the year of 1994, three days after her wedding in Perth. Marie had just said goodbye to her parents who flew over for the ceremony. 


It was time to go back home. She had two paths she could take – the main road, which would take longer, or the shortcut through the countryside. She chose the serene and deserted countryside.


Her headlights lit up a short distance in front of her, and the rest was inky blackness, save for the stars in the sky and the occasional lamp post.


As she rode along the straight path, the back of her car suddenly collided with something. The entire car shook and spun around until it rammed into a lamp post. 


The next thing Marie knew was that a lamp post was inside the car just a few centimetres from her. It had almost split the vehicle in half. 


Shaken and disoriented, she unbuckled her seatbelt and walked out of her car with legs like jelly. She could have died. But somehow, she barely suffered a scratch. 


She couldn’t call anyone because she did not have a mobile phone back then. Thankfully, and miraculously, a military van full of doctors came down the path, followed by a car that was equipped with a satellite phone, so she was able to get help.


This incident changed Marie’s life. But not for the better. 

Marie was sued by the car rental company for $11,500, which was a hefty sum back in the 90s.


She did not have a job in Australia yet, and she had to get on with her husband’s income as a miner. Eventually, she found a job in the bank. Despite thriving as one of the best salespeople there, she lost her job as the banking industry was cutting down on manpower due to the rise of automation.


Marie did not give up easily though. She applied to over 500 jobs over the next two years. However, she did not get an offer from even one – not even the most simple jobs at fast-food restaurants, as she was over-qualified.


Furthermore, the family situation was not the best. Marie’s in-laws moved in with them, and since her husband’s job gave him only one week of off after two weeks of working in the mines, there was not very much time for the newly married couple to spend together.


As the financial, family and work-related tensions compunded, Marie slipped into depression. There were some days she would just stay in bed all day, not getting up except to eat and use the bathroom.


One day, her friend invited her out for lunch and Marie agreed reluctantly. During the lunch, her friend realised she had to head back to the office to pick something up, but her office was next to Marie’s previous workplace. 


Marie did not want to go near her old workplace. She would have rather run away than walk past those glass doors, but her friend held her hand and told her to walk with her head held high. 

As Marie walked, she could see her ex-colleagues whispering among themselves as they recognised her. It was humiliating and painful.


However, after she did it, Marie realised she felt good about confronting her fears and shame. 


“That was a turning point in my life,” said Marie in the present day. “If I chose to run away and not meet my friend, I wouldn’t have learned anything. But that day, I learned how to face my fears, and it’s a precious lesson I still apply in my life.”


Since then, Marie resolved to always meet her issues head-on.


Over time, Marie was encouraged to help out at her church as a volunteer. She assisted with operations and administrative work, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She learned new skills and added value. Within a few months, she was offered a part-time job.


Three years later, she applied for a full-time job and became an Operations Manager in the biggest car leasing company in Perth.


Marie continued climbing the corporate ladder during the two decades she lived in Australia, and eventually became a Corporate Affairs Director to an aircraft leasing company. 


Though she enjoyed her success, Marie knew deep down that her true calling was something else. Having gone through the depths of several life problems herself, Marie wanted to share life lessons, principles and solutions with others who needed it. 


Thus, she and Vincent, her husband, set up Solomon’s Guild, a solutions provider consultancy company that aids people with both professional business management and personal relationship issues. Four years in, and more than 50 corporate clients later, it is very clear that this is what they were meant to do.

Now, life for Marie is full of daily challenges she looks forward to tackling, as she serves clients – whether they are multi-national companies or married couples. There are many more rich stories she and Vincent have to share. Check out our live stream chat with them to find out more!


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