How do you leave a legacy?

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When Laura Cho was growing up in Myanmar, she didn’t have much. “My dad told me: ‘I can’t give you anything else but your education,” she recalls. 

Laura worked hard and established a successful Human Resources (HR) career. Three years ago, after seven years spend in the HR field and countless of interviews, she realised that in Myanmar, “many applicants, including those at the executive and managerial levels, don’t know how to ace the interview.” 

This realisation sparked a desire to help others acquire these skills, and share her knowledge on a career journal in Myanmar. Thus began her journey as a career coach. From a writing in a small journal in Myanmar, Laura is now an international certified trainer, providing leadership training, career consultations and more. 

Though she is a ‘coach’ in name, Laura believes that she more often plays the role of a facilitator. “I cannot tell my clients what they should or should not do. I just ask the right questions to provoke their thinking,” Laura shares. Ultimately, it is the clients who have to make their own career decisions. 

In fact, taking charge of one’s destiny is a common theme in the life of this #GirlBoss. Laura juggles her full-time HR career as well as her career coaching, and she admits that it can be challenging at times. However, having a strong purpose for herself helps tremendously: “The ‘Why’ is very important. The ‘how’ and ‘what’ are secondary,” she shares. 

Laura’s ‘Why’ is simple: to leave a legacy as someone who helps people live a good life. Laura believes strongly that knowledge and education make a vital difference in one’s life. With that in mind, she has been funding a school in Myanmar for the past 3.5 years, helping 300 children get the education they deserve.

On top of that, Laura is expanding her career coaching and bringing it online. Within the next year, she plans to roll out an online education platform that will boast articles and videos on workplace skills and more. 

The success Laura enjoys is a testament to her strong sense of purpose and desire to leave a legacy. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? 


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