How to decide what best for you.

Categories: Workplace

Making a decision is not easy. Especially when it relates to our life, career, or future. There are so many things to weigh, consider and reconsider in order to decide what is the best for you. Emotional feelings can blind us in making decisions. So in the end the decision was made not based on what was considered important. For me, there are 3 questions that guide me to make the best decision. There are:

1. What is the value that I want to achieve in taking the decision? How my decisions reflect my values? Value is a fundamental one. It will be the compass that gives directions to us. It will become the “traffic light”. So making sure that the decision reflects the value is the most important aspect. Knowing that we are directing into the right path.

2. How the decision can support my long-term goals? Good decisions will help us to get one step closer to our goals. But sometimes we also have to take a detour to get there. This question helps us to connect the present to the future (goals). Will it align or not, with our long-term goals.

3. What is the risk I should consider due to this decision? Risk is something that cannot be avoided. There is always a risk involved in every decision taken. The question is whether we have measured it or anticipated it? And is it within our control or not?

Basically, these three questions do not have true or false answers. Those will help us to have a better understanding of ourselves. Guide us to think more rationally and objectively. By exploring why we make the decisions and measuring the risks, we will make more mature and accountable decisions. Only you know what best for you.


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