If you never try, you never know

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Shen Kwang, better known as SK Ong, graduated from Nanyang Technological University in 2016, with a specialisation in Marketing. In the same year, he joined OCBC Bank as an associate under the Young Banker Programme. Nearly 3 years later, SK is now an Assistant Vice President working as a Project Facilitator in the bank. The twist is: if SK hadn’t made one crucial decision, his life would be completely different now. 

In 2015, SK received an internship offer from OCBC that was different from what he had studied in university. It was a role on six sigma and market research, while he specialised in marketing. He had three days to make a decision. 

SK was hesitant to take up the offer. Many what-ifs ran through his mind: “What if I am unable to contribute and add value to the organisation over the 10 weeks’ internship? What if I am not competent enough? What if my supervisor regrets hiring me?”

SK shares that he went to his professors and campus career consultants to seek their advice: “They all told me: ‘Go for it!’ If you never try, you never know.”

“3 days were up, and I chose to accept the offer. I told myself that I would give in my 100% to learn and contribute, even though I was not confident I could,” says SK. This leap of faith pulled off – SK performed outstandingly in his internship, even earning the Commendation Award from the Dean for his performance. 

In fact, without this internship, SK would never have considered his current career path. Shortly after the internship, he also received an offer to join the Young Banker Programme in Group Quality & Service Excellence, jumpstarting his career. 

Today, SK is familiar with trying new things. As a project facilitator, he constantly runs and supports new projects. He enjoys taking on new challenges at work.

His journey began as a young undergraduate willing to try something new and give his best to it. Where does your journey begin? 


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