It Takes Two To Tango

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My daughter has an outstanding talent for drawing. She enjoys this activity a lot. I realized it too, so I tried to equip her by learning from the experts. I feel just rely on her TALENT will not enough. It must be continuously developed and sharpened.

Initially, it was very difficult to get her consistently to practice her skills. “I don’t want to go now”. “Later”. “Why do you have to practice again? I am good enough”. There were reasons cited so that she doesn’t need to practice. Up to a certain point, it turned out that she likes and enjoys drawing anime characters. She enjoys and willing to draw. This is what I call PASSION, where she voluntarily and happily does an activity.

To be able to find her passion takes approximately 1 year. Not an easy one and an annoying process if I may say. Remembering that her teacher and I must be patient to “force” her to keep trying to do it. Encourage her to continue to come and study at her course. Find out what she likes. Persuade her to be more open so we can have a better understanding of her preferences. PERSISTENCE is an important factor in this stage. What if both of us gave up months ago because she also gave up. We will not be able to see the potential she has and lose the opportunity to sharpen it. During the process she persistently pushes herself to keep trying, find out which one she likes. Hopefully, in the future what has been planted will show the good output which is her EXPERTISE.

Undergoing the above process, after I reflect. Subconsciously, I have involved my daughter in the mentoring process. Mentoring process is a process where someone who has experience and knowledge in a certain area, try to share and accompany someone who has less experience to be better in that area. And I am grateful because I found the right mentor for my daughter. She will develop not only her skill and mentally grow along the process. And hopefully, she learns that PERSISTENLY develop your TALENT, focus on what you like (PASSION), and finding the right MENTOR will help her develop her EXPERTISE


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