Journey from HR to Sales

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Making the impossible transition possible – Intan Rahmawati

What comes to your mind when mentioning the term Human Resources (HR)? Administrative? Backend support function? Policies? Probably anything but the ability to sell. 

So how did Intan Rahmawati transit from a HR role into a drastically different Sales role?

After working in MG Group’s HR team for 6 years, Intan started to think about her next steps with the organization. “I wanted to learn something new. I hoped to learn how to deal with different situations as well as different people outside of MG.”

That’s where a conversation with the Reny, General Manager of Contracting from Bali, changed her career path. Recognizing that Intan had strong communication skills, Renee quickly suggested that she consider a rotation to the Sales team.

“I thought it was a good opportunity. I approached my supervisor, Nat, to share my aspirations and without hesitation, she showed me her fullest support.” Intan shared.

Nat understood Intan’s desire to grow and immediately approached the Sales Director, Chris, to bridge the conversation. With Nat’s support, things moved quickly. With a blink of an eye, Intan moved on to the Sales team.

During the transition phase, Intan ensured that she did not leave her team in the lurch. She understood that her successor, Era, would probably find it challenging if she simply handed everything over at one go. What did she do? Intan consciously broke down her work into parts and handed over in phases. In fact, even after moving on to her new role, she is still actively guiding Era to ensure that things are functioning well!

As for Intan’s transition to the Sales team, her manager Dannis showed similar care as well. Knowing that Intan is new, Dannis ensured that she had the necessary training to set her up for success. What’s more interesting was that while guiding her on the broad principles of the know-hows, Dannis gave her room to experiment with various approaches and understood that was essential for her growth.

The rotation from HR to Sales may seem like a tough one to most. But with the all-around support and understanding from the team and supervisors, Intan’s journey was made a whole lot better.

Now, you have heard about Intan’s story. Question is, how are you showing understanding and support to your team and colleagues? 


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