Leadership, a heart-warming journey

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Leadership sounds arduous. Many of you might know a leader who have made your life difficult.
However, what about a leader worth following? In actuality, leadership does not have to be a toll. In fact, for Puja Talesara, positive leadership is very doable – and is what she fights for and believes for every leader. 

The co-founder of Leadership Demystified, a podcast series on LinkedIn has a vast and rich experience in Human Resource. Positivity is often impossible in an avalanche of work. However, instead of drowning in stress and heavy workload, she focuses on joy and good opportunities. With this experience of managing 8 companies, this spark plug of a person puts her heart and soul everywhere she goes. 

What started this leadership journey for her? The first instance of having to let someone go, a decision she went against. This showed her other ways to lead positively, rather than acting authoritatively. She values personal over positional leadership, and champions the importance of taking care of the people she manages. 

“It’s not about the head count, but the heart count”, she shares. To her, leadership is not ordering, but parenting. The key to managing people, she figures, is to manage their emotions. Inspiration from people and her surrounding environment is essential to her and her work. 

3Es are consistent throughout her leadership coaching – element, energising and empowering.
Element; by being self-aware as a leader.
Energising; your environment in communication.
Empowering; yourself and others – even when no one is watching.
To her, a leader’s persuasiveness comes naturally when you make people understand stories, and not impose cold hard facts. The ability to emphasise, is thus a core element in her journey. 

It definitely was not easy, to transform from someone with no English-speaking experience, to a successful public speaker today. Her conservative family could neither speak English nor afford tuition fees for her to learn the language. Hence despite her love for public speaking, she was mocked thoroughly for her inability. However, she realised that stories are important, and coaching can make a huge impact to people. Thus, she worked her way to the top in every company she was in – an admirable effort.

Now, with her new initiative ‘Leadership Demystified’ –  she is a successful podcaster/speaker, HR consultant and leadership coach.


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