Let’s Stop Flushing Away Our Forests With Every Visit to the Washroom

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Tissue and toilet papers are an integral part of our hygiene habits. Using sheets upon sheets of these pristine, white squares are a non-negotiable in our daily lives. Meanwhile, swaths of forests are being destroyed to produce them. 

In fact, The Guardian recently published an article about toilet papers being increasingly unsustainable. Yet, we fail to think twice about this issue simply because they are the only option available to us. 

Are they really, though?

Lynn Yeo and Angela Sim certainly don’t think so. With their company, Cloversoft, the duo are challenging deep-seated, decades-old habits and perceptions in the industry. 

Unlike existing products in the market, Cloversoft’s tissues and toilet papers carry a brown hue. This is by no means a sign of defect. Instead, it is symbolic of their dedication to sustainability.

Cloversoft utilizes technology to leverage on a sustainable resource – bamboo – in their production process. Bamboos are one of the fastest-growing plants, and harvesting them leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint than cutting down trees. Opting to use unbleached bamboo pulps also ensures that harmful gases, a by-product of bleaching, are avoided. 

Cloversoft produces wet wipes using bamboo as well. Unknown to many consumers, wet wipes are often produced using plastics – another pain point Cloversoft hopes to tackle.

The two were so fixated on the good their product had to offer, it gave them the courage to face the giants already in the market. 

They knocked on door after door to gain a potential foothold. Despite being turned away by many big retailers and supermarket chains, their faith in the product kept them going.

Bit by bit, market sentiments started changing as consumers become increasingly aware of their environmental footprints. Their persistence paid off and Cloversoft is now available in 8 countries, and counting. 

They refuse to let this initial success make them complacent, though. The co-founders are still continually innovating, coming up with ideas like refillable tissues and coreless toilet paper rolls. 

Beyond forests, Cloversoft is also on a mission to save polar bears, an initiative suggested by Angela stemming from her love for them. As a partner of Polar Bears International, part of Cloversoft’s profits are donated to the “Save the polar bears” campaign. 

Today, Cloversoft is at the forefront of changing existing market sentiments in the hygiene products industry. After all, polar bears are white, but our tissues sure don’t need to be! 


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