Living life the Ikigai way

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Leadership coaches. You think they are naturally outspoken, with an aura of authority. Sure, these people are brave, but not all of them are naturals. Seok Hian – the founder of Ikigai Consultancy Services, is an introvert. Yet, she is also a courageous leadership coach and leader, in her own way. 

The corporate world was her haven, hence the step out of it after sixteen years was no mean feat. Yet, she did it – and set up Ikigai Consultancy Services.

Why coaching? Well, the deep one-to-one connection she enjoys shaped her belief in wanting to help people. Coaching, was a way to do it. 

She is never used to the attention she receives while coaching in big groups, but she always persists. That’s her dedication – as she knows she can impact so many more people at once. Her focus, is always on the greater good over herself. 

Then, why entrepreneurship? She constantly asked herself the question – why would the world need another coaching business like hers? 

In her corporate life, she saw too many people who did things out of obligation and disregarded their true passion. That inspired IKIGAI, which means the source of value in one’s life. She loves the spirit of whole-heartedness in Japanese culture, and hopes that like IKIGAI, people can find their true passion. She helps through coaching and listening, with her heart. 

Her work is closely attuned to her family life. Did you know that her decision to start her own business was made for her children as well? She wanted to provide two different sets of worldviews for her children – hers in the business world, and her husband’s in the corporate scene. They hoped that their children would understand their different perspectives and eventually form their own in the future.  

As a leader herself, she is never complacent and is compassionate.
Instead of being fixated on the worth of her employees, she is concerned with their personal and professional growth. As a business owner for the first time, she was tested in many ways – but she is constantly learning and improving. 

To her, being a leader is about the greater good – the team and the company interest. She also places emphasis on the importance of learning, internalisation and reflection. 

“It’s not about how much you know, it’s also about how much you can apply.” This drives her, as both a leader and a human. 

To truly live life with value is not easy. But it could be a simple step, if you consider your passion like what Seok Hian did.  


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