Meet The Brothers Who Built an App Specifically for Blue-collar Workers to Findjobs

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Coming from a low-income family, Stanley and Ivan Lim are intimately aware of the struggles blue-collar workers face to put food on the table. For these families, having a job is non-negotiable for survival. 

“Whether or not these workers have a job can decide whether their family gets to eat chicken rice or instant noodles for dinner,” shares Ivan.

Yet, the brothers observe that a large number of blue-collar workers are unable to find jobs. On the flip side, employers also find it challenging to find and hire blue-collar workers.

They attribute this phenomenon to the shift of job advertisements online, and off classified sections in newspapers. While most companies are embracing the technological advancement, many blue-collar workers still remain offline and lack technical expertise.

Thus, Stanley and Ivan invented Findjobs as a means to bridge the gap between employers and job-seekers. 

Unlike other job portals or applications that were created to streamline hiring processes for employers, Findjobs was created with the sole purpose of making job search accessible for blue-collar workers.

The application boasts features like enlarged text and audio descriptions to best cater to the needs of these workers, who tend to be older and/or illiterate. Additionally, the job application process is simplified, allowing these workers to apply for jobs without a need for a resume or CV – things that these workers are often unfamiliar with. 

The brothers acknowledge that the app is not fool-proof as many blue-collar workers remain without phones. To tackle this, they came up with an ingenious solution – job-searching kiosks placed around the island, similar to the ordering kiosks in Macdonald’s. This allows job seekers to create a work profile and submit job applications in under five minutes, simplifying the job search process and making it more accessible.

When asked about their inspiration behind such products, the brothers share that they “always put these people in [their] hearts”. 

Indeed, every feature in their mobile application and business decision is made only after careful consideration of what would most benefit these workers. 

While society might be dismissive of these workers, these brothers firmly believe in what they are doing and hopes that perceptions will change.  

“These are the unsung heroes,” the brothers express with conviction. “They’re the backbone of our economy. They are indispensable. Without them, our lives will not be so convenient.” 


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