Mind Transformations Gave Her a Positive Focus in Life

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Hasnah Rahman, recalls the first time her mind ‘woke up’ – when she almost had a miscarriage back in 1994. 

Bedridden, she took the time to read up on brain development and it sparked her interest and passion in learning. She applied various prenatal brain development tips and was astonished – it really worked! 

“My unborn baby was really dancing when I gave him the Walkman… I was this scientist with my foetus, using brain-based learning prenatally and reading to him in different languages,” says Hasnah, eyes wide with enthusiasm.  

From that bubble of bonding and discovery, Hasnah, endearingly known as Has, kick-started her career in life-coaching and training. Founder and Director of Positive Focus®, she has gone from creating edutainment CDs to concocting widely successful parent-and-child programmes. 

She was even invited to be the host ‘Miss Positive’ and educational consultant for all three seasons of Club M.A.G.I.C, Singapore’s first preschool Television programme on Okto channel. For over 24 years, she has worked with thousands of teachers, children and their families.

The reason behind her success?

It all started in 1999. Has discovered her son struggled with reading, writing and letter recognition. Hence, she set out to find a solution and further explored NLP at the master practitioner level with Mind Transformations. 

NLP gave her a new perspective on self-awareness and reshaped her beliefs about learning; she applied the various techniques and it changed the way she educated her son. The frustration, tension and stress dissipated. 

Eventually, he could recognise all the letters in the alphabet; English even became one of his favourite subjects. He’s currently pursuing a Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts at Yale-NUS after graduating from Raffles Institution.

NLP helped Has too – she quit smoking and transformed from DJ party girl to edutainer. It helped her cope with her divorce, almost going bankrupt and singlehandedly raising her son.

How does one stay positive throughout?

Has explains the gap between knowing and doing:

“It’s about applying knowledge; many parents and teachers are well-informed, yet they may not have developed the skills or habits to put what they learn into practice to help children as intended. It’s the translation of knowledge into purposeful action that makes the difference.”

Has overcame difficulties with over two decades of practising mindfulness, yoga therapy, positive psychology, music and drama, giving her clarity in life and more. 

What is your positive focus in your life? 


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