Park your stereotypes aside. This is what a true security manager does. – Grand Park Orchard

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Many might associate a security job with a “fat and old uncle who doesn’t take his job seriously”. And that image alone, is nowhere near from giving you any confidence in the profession. 

That’s not the case for Bok Thye Wee, Assistant Security Manager of Grand Park Orchard, who passionately believes that his role is not only to ensure the safety of customers and his colleagues, but also creating the best possible experience for the hotel guests.

“In hospitality, customer service is top priority. For instance, even when handling suspected trespassers, we need to approach them in a firm yet polite manner. Being tactful such as asking how we can help them is important because we are still a representative of the hotel. While staying vigilant, we also have to deliver a great customer experience.” Bok highlighted with conviction. 

“If you want to be a policeman, you need to think like a thief.” What he meant was the importance of putting oneself in the shoes of the customer to do a great job. This is especially applicable in today’s social media age. Why? Because people do not care if you are security or concierge, what they see is just a staff from the organization and in this case, Grand Park Orchard. 

Besides the regular security inspections, Bok’s job also requires him to play Sherlock Holmes when the need arises. With a curious mind and determined spirit, Bok is someone who never gives up on a case if there is a slightest doubt present. “Sometimes there are loopholes in the report. When I see it, I’ll definitely look into it and do my best to crack the case during investigation. Of course, you won’t be able to solve everything all the time but I’ll ensure that I push it through till the very end and knowing that I did my best.”

Before we left, we witnessed Bok looking out for a few customers by holding lift doors and helping them with their luggage. There was even a hotel staff commenting, “Bok’s the best!”

With a vision of developing a reliable team of security and changing the perception of others about his profession, we can definitely feel safe and assured the next time we visit Grand Park Orchard!


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