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  • How A Tragedy Helped Her Find Her Purpose In Life: Dealing With The Death Of A Child
    About ten years ago, Lesli Berggren was making her home in Singapore. She had two beautiful twins, a fulfilling business where she created jewellery, and she felt like the world was her oyster. But when her doctor told her ten years later that her 12-year-old boy had a type of rare cancer, she gave up […]
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  • From A $40,000 Debt As A Part-Time Receptionist, To An Award Winning Photographer
    About ten years ago, Ashley Low took on a $40,000 loan to be educated in professional photography. But after graduation, she found herself working part-time as a receptionist because it was hard to find photography work. Today, she's an award winning photographer with her own studio, and she's one of the best in the field. […]
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  • Swapping Luxury Travel For 3rd World Countries: Life An Edutech Social Entrepreneur
    Janine had been travelling half a million miles a year, working in the hotel industry, until she asked herself what her 'why' in life was. That was about 10 years ago. Today, Janine works at Solve Education!, an edutech startup she co-founded, to help make education accessible for children in poverty, all over the world. […]
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  • From $0 to $2M in Profits: How a Struggling Entrepreneur Family Raised The Life They Dreamed Of
    Imagine you and your partner are trying to start a new business. This is the crucial period, and you've both quit your former business to make this work. However, you also have a new child to take care of, and there's no money coming in. One day, you get an offer for a full time […]
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  • What To Do When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned?
    10 years ago, Tess Charng always felt an extreme urgency in life. "I felt like I had to do everything now, I wanted to accomplish all my dreams now," she said. And to some extent, she was doing well. She was excelling at her studies from a young age, and was even chosen to be […]
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