Pursuing A Creative Alternative in life

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When you meet Rizky Budiyanto, you are struck by his humility and affableness. The man at the helm of ACreativeAlt – homegrown production and content creation company –embodies the spirit of humility and constant self-improvement, and has the success to boot. 

A couple of years ago, upon realising that the demand for video production was increasing, Rizky and his partner Iqbal decided to start ACreativeAlt. Yet, there was a twist to this decision: “When we started on video production, I had almost zero knowledge on cameras,” shares Rizky. 

How then did he get to the camera-whiz he is today? “Back then I studied media, which is where I picked up the basic skills. Of course, nowadays whatever you learn from school is not enough. But from that basic skills, you can learn more,” Rizky explains. 

Rizky’s motivation for self-improvement and for starting his company is also pretty eye-opening. “I started seeing that it’s hard for creative people like us to move up the corporate ladder… I’m trying to prove that it’s not true,” Rizky shares. After climbing up the ladder from a 3D designer to Art Director, Producer and even becoming a Lecturer, he chose to pursue an alternative path up the ladder by building his own business and upskilling himself. With ACreativeAlt slowly but surely building its brand and gaining traction, it’s clear that Rizky is well on his way to achieving his goal. Finding his niche in producing contents for events, the company started with 12 projects a year and now shooting more than 100 projects a year.

With his background in events and design, Rizky has a clear passion for enhancing the skillset and capabilities of those in the creative industry. He’s now embarking on what he calls ‘Creative coaching’, which aims to boost the sales abilities and other holistic skills of creatives. The idea took root when he observed how designers and other creatives often had to listen to salespeople, who knew little about the creative industry. “My dream is for the creative guy to also be the one managing the business, not just the technical work.” Rizky tells us. 

When asked if it was difficult to acquire new skills and push himself to never stay stagnant, Rizky explains that “when there is a need to fulfil, it’s much easier to pick up a new skill.” Indeed, it is his ability to identify limitations and break new grounds to fill these needs that sets Rizky apart, and makes one confident that he will move up the ladder despite choosing an alternative path. 

Do you have what it takes to pursue a creative alternative in life? 


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