LinkedIn Account Management

Branding is important. It drives business leads while helping you connect with like-minded people. We recognize that most of you are really busy and hence, our team will help manage this bit by planning out your content, handling your LinkedIn account and build your authentic online brand for you.

Stories Writing

How do you bring across your message in a short a succinct way? Article feature is one effective way. Bite-sized stories are what you need in today’s digital age where people’s attention span is really short. We focus on helping you bring across your important message through a short story feature.

Video Content Creation

Videos have been an increasingly important channel to communicate your brand story. By creating short and engaging video content, you will put yourself in a better position to influence your target audience. Our team will help you plan out the content, coach you and eventually produce the video that brings out your message effectively.

Storytelling Campaigns 

Campaigns are effective ways to engage internal staff while also a good way to enhance brand awareness with external stakeholders. Our team will help you design a campaign that drives the desired outcome e.g. recruitment, employee engagement, and manage it end-to-end for you.

Live Chat Coaching and Hosting

We all know that live chats have become an increasingly important channel to drive traffic and engagement on social media. Our team will work with your host/guests and coach them to perform during the live chat session. If you do not have an existing platform to host the session, ours will be there for you!