She is successful, because she cares.

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At the age of 33, Jaslyn Ng had a high flying HR career. As one of the youngest HR Directors, with a successful 11 years’ career, she decided to make a mid-career switch. Most people would shake their heads at such a move, but Jaslyn has no regrets. After less than two years, she is now one of the top five financial consultants in Prudential, and has achieved the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) twice, and in 2018 she has even attained the Court of the Table (3 times MDRT qualification). 

“My only regret is that I didn’t make the switch earlier,” shares Jaslyn. The reason for her decision was to give her more flexibility to spend time with her family. “I have two young children, and my daughter, Claire, has a hole in her heart,” Jaslyn explains. This medical condition prompted her to reorganise her priorities, and motivated her to leave the stressful corporate world.

How then was she able to move so swiftly up the ranks at Prudential? While some people may have a negative perception of insurance agents like her, Jaslyn completely overturns this stereotype. “Claire’s condition actually made me realise the importance of insurance. No one in the family has a history of having a heart condition, and yet she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart, which I couldn’t comprehend. But because we had bought adequate protection plans, I know no matter where she goes to seek treatment, it’s all 100% covered.”

 “Nobody is 100% guaranteed of never having an unexpected medical condition,” says Jaslyn, from first-hand experience. She firmly believes that having insurance is about “covering the gaps for the family… if something happens, the family is protected.” Indeed, her genuine care for her clients is very telling. It is this care that spurred her rapid success at Prudential, enabling her to engage many clients – many of them are C-suites executives, including Prudential CEO! 

When asked about any advice she would give to youths just starting their careers, Jaslyn shares three insights: “Find your purpose in life, always be mindful of your health, and have the courage to try new things.” At 33, Jaslyn started all over again, and she has no regrets. Would you? 


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