Skyrocket your team’s productivity with this change

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No matter how smart and skilled we are, there will always be room for improvement in our lives, especially when the challenges we face seem to grow in complexity as days go by. 

“Why didn’t somebody help me at the start?” Those were the words uttered by Leong CheeTung, Co-Founder and CEO of EngageRocket, after reading a really helpful book on management. Nine months after graduation, CheeTung shared how he was assigned to manage people in a department who were more experienced than he was. “At the time, I remembered very clearly how lost I was,” he shared in an interview.

After reading the book, he realized that his outlook in his career had changed. If only he had read that book before he got his first management job, he would not have felt so incompetent and helpless. This sparked the idea of providing managers with insights and real-time data that would guide them in making better people decisions. He realized that it was about time managers get some outside support to help them know and manage the people in their organization.

With that, EngageRocket – a company which helps organizations monitor and improve employee engagement and productivity, was born.

CheeTung stressed the fact that the human resource or labour is not a commodity. “We need to find ways to motivate our people and keep them loyal to the company,” he said. Only then can we really get a clear picture of what we are doing in the organization.

Motivating the people in an organization doesn’t have to involve dazzling gimmicks. Most employees would actually feel emotionally compensated with just a simple but sincere compliment on the good job they have done. As a leader or manager, you do not just need to pay the right price for the right work. You must also see each employee as a unique individual who has his or her own unique needs and personality. 

If you really want employees to be productive and loyal, you as a manager must also keep them happy, motivated and rewarded. Paying them enough attention can be your way of skyrocketing your business.


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