spaceSense: Making it easy to search for office spaces

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Do you remember how the emergence of AirBnb made finding a place to stay so hassle-free? It is a simple concept, but it was game-changing.


Similarly, spaceSense, a local prop-tech startup, aims to do the same for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and growing companies that need an office space to move into.


While bigger corporations already have more resources, stronger SOPs in place or consultancies that help them sort out the logistics, business owners of startups and SMEs don’t have it as easy.


Typically, these business owners have to manually search for locations and compare various factors, such as the price, lease length, or capacity of each location. 


And even after the search is complete, effort and time still needs to be invested into acquiring office equipment, renovating and physically setting up the space. That’s a lot of time spent that could be used in growing the business.

With spaceSense, everything is streamlined. Office spaces can be filtered based on size, lease period, or budget. With direct partnerships with about 50 major landlords that include Far East Organisation, CDL, and Mapletree, spaceSense provides the most comprehensive and real-time commercial office database. 


In addition, services that help set up the office space like office design, renovation, equipment leasing and maintenance can be engaged via spaceSense itself. 


This business idea was born when co-founder Eunice Ooi was on maternity leave as she had the aspiration to create something that she could have ownership over. 


She decided to start a business in prop-tech in particular because she saw the pain points companies face in commercial real estate. Though she was pregnant at the time, she wasted no time and upgraded herself by learning coding, digital marketing and UI/UX design, to list a few. 


“Execution is key,” said Eunice. “It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You decide your journey.” 


She was not in the journey alone, though. Eunice talked to her friends Joe Kwan and Steven Ming, who also wanted to create something meaningful. Soon, they decided to come together to create spaceSense.


As expected in any entrepreneurship journey, it was a rocky one with many challenges and plenty of uncertainty. However, their work ethic keeps them going every single day. 


As for Joe, the co-founder in charge of strategy, he believes that “your worth is not in dollars and cents. Rather, it is the legacy of a life well-lived.” 


Whereas Steven, the co-founder in charge of markets, is fueled by the idea that he is a role model for his children by being an entrepreneur. “I would like to show my kids that it’s perfectly fine not to opt for proven career choices of being a doctor, an engineer or to climb a corporate ladder. That they too, can exercise their creativity, be bold and push boundaries as an entrepreneur.” he shared.


To these entrepreneurs, it’s not just about building a platform that makes life easier for other entrepreneurs, but being empowered to be role models that create value every single day.


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