Spreading the vision and mission from inside out

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Imagine you take a sneak peek into Ergo’s office. You see ergonomic office furniture for all employees. Pretty expected of an office furniture company? 

Now imagine other scenes in the office. Every employee drinking nutritious milk. Them engaging in Yoga sessions twice to thrice a week. Engrossed in their reading sessions. 

If you think this extent of office work-life balance is impossible, Karen Xuan Tran, the co-founder and General Director of Ergo proves otherwise. Ergo is a company that distributes ergonomic office furniture for Vietnam market. 

She had her roots in the pharmaceutical industry, as she explained that most Vietnamese families wanted their children to be doctors or lawyers. Coming close to these would be a pharmacist, and she was raised to be one. Ten years in the industry was enough to end her pharmaceutical stint, and she then relocated and proceeded to start an interior design company in Singapore. 

Having worked outside of Vietnam and in US and Singaporean companies, she had lots of takeaways – especially in the area of work culture. 

The companies she worked in allowed her to gain insight into the realities of employees. They work hard for the company’s growth, putting in their energy, time and youth. However, employers often are at a loss on how to reciprocate.
This thus sparked her ambition, to open a company where people enjoy their work, and not go about it like zombies. 

She wants them to internalise the vision and mission of the company, and spread it from the bottom of their hearts. 

Interestingly, the inspiration for some office measures in Ergo struck during her work life in Singapore. The libraries in Singapore inspired her to cultivate the love of reading into her Vietnamese employees. 

To her, knowledge absorbed should be applied – and she holds sharing sessions every week for her employees. She provides the platform for them to apply what they have learnt into their work, to both enjoy learning and enhance productivity. 

Is it just the employees learning? Certainly not, as Karen herself is always seeking to better herself as a leader and trainer of her employees. She used to ask directly for feedback from employees but figured that it might be intimidating to shy ones. Now, she gives them papers to write them down, and shares them in front of the crowd. 
It is through these small details that reveal Karen’s dedication to the wellbeing of her workers. 


To Karen, every individual’s love language is important, and she hopes to be able to give her workers what they want. Well, given the haven of the Ergo office is, we’re sure she is doing a great job. 


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