Staying Healthy is a Serious Business

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Yoga has been gaining in popularity in recent years for its various mental and physical benefits, but do you know of other healing disciplines that have originated from India as well? 


Well, Sumit Nanda certainly does, and this knowledge has helped him start his first business – the EGA Juice Clinic. EGA produces health products, detox juice drinks, as well as blended-herb shots that utilise one of India’s oldest medical concepts – Ayurvedic medicine. 


Ayurveda is based upon the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit. Its main aim is to promote overall well-being (as opposed to targeting specific medical problems). For Sumit, Ayurveda presented an opportunity for him to pursue his entrepreneurship dreams. 


Growing up in a small town near Delhi in India, Sumit watched his father constantly working long hours at the expense of quality time with the family. This childhood experience ingrained in him the conviction to never work for others. 


“I think the biggest addiction in the world is your paycheck and bank account every month,” Sumit emphasized. To him, entrepreneurship is not about the big bucks you can make by being your own boss; rather, it is about having the freedom to do something meaningful in the world.


When asked about his inspiration for EGA, Sumit shared about his medical history. At the age of 40, Sumit was diagnosed with a genetic high-blood pressure condition that caused excruciating migraines every night for a few months, greatly affecting his quality of life.


He approached Western doctors and tried modern medicine to no avail. Out of desperation, he turned to an Ayurvedic medical practitioner upon his sister’s recommendation. Under Dr. Ratheesh’s care, Sumit has been sleeping peacefully up till today. 

Sumit was astonished by its efficacy, and convinced that it could benefit countless Singaporeans. Thus, he worked with Dr. Rateesh, and after months or research and experimentation, the two co-founded EGA Juice Clinic together. 


Sumit took a chronic condition that was a huge detriment to his health, and found some good out of it – starting a business with the mission of helping others. When faced with stressful situations, will you find a way to turn the situation around as well? 


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