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What got us here, will not get us there.

This was the mindset that Hans Tjandra adopted when leading the tech transformation at MG Group, Southeast Asia’s Bedbank.

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of MG Group, Hans is responsible for overhauling the current systems on multiple fronts including updates in the system speed, scalability, consistency, security, and connectivity.

Hans sets a high bar for his team when building this new system. “For speed, our target is to respond to our partners anywhere in the world within 3.5 seconds, even if they enquire for multiple hotel rates and availability in Paris, Bangkok, or Bali. In terms of scalability & accuracy, we are currently accepting an average of 150 million searches/day from our partners, around 30% of our full capacity at the moment” he shared.

That said, things do not always take place smoothly, especially when it comes to technology. Hans emphasized the need to recognize that things will get out of hand from time to time. Hiccups and major changes throughout the development phase are expected because the market and industry landscape are constantly evolving.

While scaling fast, Hans learned that “you do not compromise the quality of the output over faster speed of delivery.” During the process of building a new system, it is common that stakeholders get excited to learn what they can do on the next system release. However, he emphasized that a good balance needs to be struck where an alignment of expectation has to be made while ensuring that they keep delivering the highest quality of work within the stipulated deadlines.

When asked about his proudest moment of this project to date, he responded with a smile, “Looking back at the past 24 months, back when we were at the drawing board to identify MG Jarvis scope, I think I’m quite proud with the fact that we are finally able to create and roll out our own revenue management tool.”

The sense of pride isn’t without any justification. Hans had always believed that they are operating in the right space, the right time, and the right place already: Hotel Wholesale, 21st Century, and Asia. 

“We may not be the first. We may not the biggest. But we aspire to be the smartest and the most efficient bedbank in the world.”

Looking ahead, MG Group will continue their pursuit to become the best-in-class hotel booking system in the world. With the new enhancements in place, they are ready to adopt the latest technologies to go further along their bedbank route. Watch out for Hans and team, they are coming your way!


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