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This article is part of an interview series with the speakers of Learning & Sharing Sessions at the Human Resources & Finance Community (Singapore & ASEAN).

Sam Neo will be presenting on Managing Career Opportunities & Transitions during post-COVID-19 Challenges, on 1 October. Sign up for the session here:

Could you tell us 3 interesting things about yourself?

  1. I’m a proud Dadpreneur – dad first, entrepreneur second. Having a baby is like running a business on its own. The only difference? You can’t sell or close this business down!
  2. I’m an umbilical chord survivor. At birth, I almost died with the umbilical chord strangled around my neck but I survived and here I am today making the difference that I guess I was meant to make!
  3. I was my basketball team’s captain back in my younger days. Even though I’m usually the smallest player on the court, I guess I had the biggest heart and competitive spirit. That’s what made me the entrepreneur I am today.

Why did you decide to join the Human Resources & Finance Community (HRFC)?

I felt that it was a community that was really different. Typically for a HR community, you only get to mix with HR people which in my opinion, is very limiting. With HRFC, I got to connect with people from different walks of live and in turn, broadened my horizon a whole lot more. In addition, this was also the place that gifted me my mentor, Lawrence Young, which made a huge difference to my career! Truly thankful!

Can you share some examples of how good personal branding led to a positive difference for you, or any of your peers?

Over the past 3 years, I was able to connect with so many like-minded people, generate whole lot of business opportunities and create inspiration for many. All these were due to the personal brand that I built consistently over time. With a good personal brand, people know you before they even meet you. With a good personal brand, people trust you more. And with a good personal brand, you unlock a lot of opportunities without you even having to source for it actively.

What made you decide to talk about the above-mentioned topic?

Especially in such times, it is important for job seekers and business owners to stand out in the crowd to create visibility of what they can bring onto the table. Many out there have great value to deliver but lack the platform or voice to articulate that. Hence, personal branding to me is a great way to help them get closer to their career and business objectives and a simple way for me to give back to those in need.

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