The Business of Fatherhood – Meeting the Dad-preneur Who Brought Up Dilly Kids

Categories: Entrepreneurship

Becoming a parent is a monumental event for anyone. Yet, Kenneth didn’t let becoming a dad hinder his aspirations of being an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, Kenneth’s “aha!” moment came precisely because of his children. 

Amidst juggling his corporate job and raising his children, Kenneth realized that the children’s wear industry left much to be desired; children’s clothing were typically on two extremes – either exorbitantly-priced designer labels, or cheaper, lower quality apparel produced in bulk. He was amazed at how hard it was to find higher-quality children’s wear that didn’t empty the wallet. Unconvinced by the value offered by these retailers, Kenneth decided to come up with an alternative – Dilly Kids.

Dilly Kids is a children’s wear company focused on premium quality children’s basics. One of their flagship items – the bamboo pocket tank – was designed specifically for the unpredictable, tropical weather here in Asia. Kenneth mentions, “Our hand-selected bamboo fabrics are great for their softness, moisture-wicking properties, and gentleness on sensitive toddler skins”. This thoughtfulness comes from being a parent himself, as Kenneth carefully considered both the practicality and quality factors that parents are seeking when adding to their kids’ wardrobe collection. He also adds, “Parents appreciate that sensibility our brand offers”.

Providing a selection of clothing to accommodate both genders was another of Kenneth’s priorities, after his experience shopping for boys clothes led to a discovery of an overwhelming selection of clothing catered to girls. Kenneth hopes his venture would lead the change in the way the industry designs for children. 

This dad-preneur is keenly aware of the immense challenges faced when splitting time between his work and his family. “When you are with your kids, it is almost always your shared time together, and prioritizing work can become an issue” Kenneth mentioned, acknowledging that whilst the lines between family and work are often blur, he credits having a supportive wife, some self-discipline, and a great deal of hustling as crucial elements for him to strike a fine balance between business and family. 

In spite of raising Dilly Kids on his own, Kenneth still sees his own children as his greatest achievements. “Being a parent is a feat unto itself,” the proud father of two remarked. The love Kenneth has for his two kids has helped to fuel the businessman in him and motivated him to better serve other parents out there through the business of affordable, quality clothing for children. 


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