The Eclectic and Authentic Female Entrepreneur

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The Eclectic Room, a lifestyle concept boutique, very much reflects who girl boss Ryana Yusoff is – never just one thing at once, never conforming, never boring.

As I sit across her on a plush sofa with the afternoon sun shining into the second level of a pre-WW2 shophouse, Ryana tells me her life story and how Eclectic Room came to be. 

Living in Dubai for 14 years, Ryana Yusoff was in a senior position with Emirates Airlines senior for 10 and a half years. She had everything – a very comfortable lifestyle, apartment and career… Until she started questioning her purpose and her life’s authenticity. Soon after, she spiralled into a deep depression. 

Six months later, she left her job.

“Although I wasn’t suicidal, I felt that I wouldn’t ‘last long’. I lost 10kg… I was down for six months and the only time I got up was to see the doctor,” says Ryana. “But I told myself, if I’m going to die, I’m going to achieve my dream first.”

So, she pressed the reset button on her life. 

She sold her house and dropped everything. At the peak of her depression, Ryana came up with the business plan for the Eclectic Room. She spent a year travelling, doing yoga studies and collected and curated items for her shop. 

She went back to Dubai and set up her online business for two years while freelancing as a yoga teacher, fashion stylist and interior stylist. After some time, Ryana moved back to Singapore and set up the brick and mortar shop Eclectic Room. 

However, it’s more than just a shop – it’s an experience, a community. 

“My relationships with my customers are intimate and personal. I’ve put a lot of effort into the shop; there’s a story behind every piece [of clothing, furniture and item].”

In early 2019, Ryana launched an extension of her brand ethos – Eclectic Space, an initiative to promote living authentically and purposefully. Her flagship monthly event, Own Your Breath, aims to provide the voiceless with a voice through storytelling, music and more. This growing community is brought together with shared experiences; they come to hear and heal. 

With her gung-ho spirit, Ryana has finally found her calling in life. It currently sits in the corner of Joo Chiat Road, a vibrant room on a quiet street. 

Now, she strives to help others find authenticity too. 


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