What it is like to work at Under Armour

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Do you believe that the company you choose to work in shapes who you are? 


Kwang, a Retail Operations Manager in Under Armour Thailand, can testify to that. She joined the Under Armour team just half a year ago, but she has been moulded to be a better version of herself in this short time.


“If there is one thing I learned through my journey with Under Armour, it is how to be tough,” she said. “I’ve been made tougher and now and I believe in myself a lot more. I’m no longer afraid of obstacles or hindrances that will test my ability.”

True to what Kwang says, a job at Under Armour is for those who are willing to take the heat and step up their game in order to perform. 


A job at Under Armour won’t be a walk in the park. It will stretch you and make you realise you can perform more than you thought you could. 


At the same time, you will never feel like you’re alone as there is a strong sense of family and teamwork ingrained in the work culture, so you are constantly working hand in hand with others.


“I think the most fulfilling part of my job is when I see my team feeling very motivated and they are working together to achieve our sales target,” said Kwang, who has a great deal of respect for her colleagues as they maintain a positive attitude even when things get tough. 


“It’s even more fulfilling when I see the hard work pay off and I witness them grow in their careers,” she added.

Kwang’s role as a Retail Operations Manager requires her to be on the ball at all times as she has to manage many different groups of people with different needs while ensuring her retail outlet’s sales do well.


“I am not just responsible for supervising and inspiring my sales team to do better every day.  My job also entails monitoring sales from time to time,” she clarified. “I have to obtain data and use it to make strategic decisions to grow more profits or improve situations when things don’t go as planned.”


Her job is a challenging one, but she says she loves doing it: “I love engaging with people. In my job, I get to meet and work with many different people, such as mall representatives, visual merchandisers, accountants, marketers and more.”


Another factor that keeps Kwang going is the opportunities to look forward to as part of Under Armour’s career journey for their team members.


“There are many opportunities for people here. I am certain of it!” she gushed. “Especially for those who are well suited to the job positions and work culture we have.”


You know you are a good fit for Under Armour when you have a desire to improve yourself and excel beyond the average. 

And for driven people like Kwang, it’s a dream company with excellent career paths. “This is Under Armour, and nothing compares,” she declared. “I am more than proud to be in this company.”


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