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What does it mean to be an influencer?

In today’s social media age with platforms such as Instagram and Facebook becoming a way of life, you probably observe an increasing number of influencers out there. Beautiful photos. Nice outfits. Glamourous shots. You get the idea.

But is that really what an influencer is all about? Or perhaps, the true value that these people could deliver?

Charlotte Mei, a familiar voice and face for those who have been listening to radio 938NOW or watching Singapore’s local TV channel, sat down with us recently to share her thoughts and gave us a sneak peek at the behind the scenes story of an influencer.

While most might think that what an influencer does is to pose for photos and be featured in videos, Charlotte shared that “there is much more to that…from putting together a team, scripting the content, editing the video and finally getting the content up, I pretty much have to handle all the work independently or with some help from my team.”

She added, “I’m a detail-oriented person so ensuring things are done in a proper way is pretty important to me.”

Another misconception about influencers is them using their popularity to make quick bucks, even at the expense of their beliefs. Well, that’s something that Charlotte strongly opposes.

 “I’ve received many requests to endorse clothes and other products. I mean, who doesn’t like nice clothes! But I strongly believe in staying true to myself and the message that I’m advocating. Sustainability is a big part of who I am so likewise, when I work with partners such as those in the fashion space, I will only agree to utilize their sustainability series.”

Another interesting approach that Charlotte highlighted was that she returns sponsored clothes after a shoot. “Most influencers will keep it regardless if they still plan to wear them or not. If I don’t need it, returning them makes sense” she shared.

Most might think, “Why are you so troublesome? It’s free clothes anyway.” Charlotte emphasized that it’s about being consistent with your brand. Influencers have the ability to impact people’s lives with their message and using that privilege to make a difference is what she believes should be done.

We can all influence others in one way or another. The thing is, how are you planning to do that?


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