Why good life coaches need to have struggled in life

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Have you ever felt like you don’t know what you were truly meant to do in life? Have you ever felt down about your day job and wondered what kind of career would light up your life? Or have you wondered if you ever could make an impact, whether it’s in your own life or on others’?

These are all questions that Milena Nguyen, like many other women, has grappled with.

Milena was a high achiever in her mid-20s. Born in Vietnam, she worked in an international non-governmental organisation in Hanoi, and accelerated through the ranks till she became a Global Partnership Development Manager for her organisation in the Asia Pacific region. This role took her to Europe, where she managed a portfolio of over $400,000 in global partnerships.

Though she had a great job, she felt depressed and alone. Those questions about her true purpose kept surfacing in her head. What was she doing with her life? Though she was blessed to be able to earn enough money to thrive, was she doing what she was made for?

When it got too much to handle, Milena quit her job and went on a sabbatical in a small town in Germany called Bonn, then her hometown Hanoi. The more she did soul searching, the more she realised she knew very little about herself. “There were layers of purpose finding,” she said. “I didn’t have a step-by-step answer for it, so what I did was go with my intuition.”

Over time, she discovered her values. She discovered the skills she had a knack for, what she likes to call her ‘genius’. She found that her talents lay in writing, poetry, dance, and helping others with their problems, to list a few.

Hence, she experimented. She held events such as yoga, dance, drawing and therapeutic writing workshops. She wrote guides and reflections on her blog. She created a sisterhood where women with similar interests could have a safe space to connect and share their stories.

Today, Milena has branched out into life coaching as well and has helped women from 12 countries find their life purpose and make an impact by doing work they love.

However, life coaching has become somewhat a dirty word in this day and age. With the abundance of life coaches on the market these days, and the fact that many life coaches struggle with their own set of life problems, it is understandable that there is some doubt about the profession.


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