Your key to success is something you already have – your personality and passion

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People spend thousands of dollars on college degrees. But to land a job, what you actually need is something money can’t buy – your attitude towards the job and towards life itself. Sure, your academic records could open doors of opportunities. But it’s your personality and passion for the role and particular field that really matters! 

In an interview, Jay Huang, co-founder and CEO at Pulsifi, shared how employers’ requirements for hiring people has changed. “Employers are looking beyond just skills, because skill requirements are changing very quickly. What really matters now is the person’s willingness to learn something new, explore new ideas and do both with grit and motivation.” 

“Many employers struggle with hiring and retaining good people,” Jay said, because of mismatch between people’s passion and their job. “When employees are doing something they don’t enjoy, they won’t be happy, and in the long run, they won’t contribute to the organization to their fullest potential. Needless to say, the employer is also not going to be happy,” he explained. 

Now, more than ever, companies need to choose the right person for the right job. But the data an employer needs in order to make the right decision are not always printed on paper.

Even if a job applicant is a graduate of this impressive university with that awesome degree, it might not be the main factor for consideration. People nowadays should also be open about careers in a different area from what they studied. It’s no longer just about what we know and what we can do. Instead, it’s all about whether or not we are driven by passion to do our best in the things we love doing. This, according to Jay, is how we find meaning and purpose in our lives. 

This led to the birth of Pulsifi two and a half years ago. Today, Pulsifi provides organizations with an artificial intelligence software platform that analyzes multiple sources of data to truly understand the hard skills and soft traits of each person, and predicts how each person will fit a particular role in a particular organization. Organizations, including multinationals, use Pulsifi’s platform to improve how they hire, plan for succession, team and develop their people. 

Jay stressed that “both employers and employees should realize that people are driven by more than just salary nowadays. Each and every one of us is driven by our purpose – to deliver impact in something we love, and achieve our full potential while doing it.”


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